Dental Prosthetics

Each treatment is unique, as is each patient. Choosing the right treatment option is duty for our doctors and it is discussed with each patient at their first visit. Whether it is a fixed prosthetic work on implants or mobile prosthetic work on implants, our specialists assist you in any case.
We are recognized for the complex cases we solve, always trying to offer best solutions even to patients with reduced bone supply, fixed prosthetic works, with the help of bone additions, external and internal sinus lift, vertical and frontal augmentations. (radiography photo of bone augmentation)

These types of operations cannot be performed by any dentist, but only by the dento-alveolar surgeon. The experience of over 25 years of our specialists in dento-alveolar surgery and prosthetics guarantees the excellent treatment and recovery of patients.

Technology advances and will continue to advance, but for this reason precisely, the doctors’ expertise of represents the human component that complements technology and which, regardless of progress in medicine, cannot be substituted.

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The success of a prosthetic treatment depends on the correctness of the dental implant insertion.

A wrongly inserted implant will lead to an wring prosthetic work and to the short-term failure of the treatment.

For this reason, the multidisciplinary collaboration: surgeon-prosthetist-dental technician is essential for offering a correct, durable treatment. In our clinic, the all in one concept allows efficient communication between the 3 specialists and our patients, an aspect that determines the success of each treatment.

Regardless of the type of prosthetic work you will benefit from, it must be performed by doctors with surgical and especially prosthetic experience, under the close supervision of an entire team. Any small deviation can cause major losses, both in terms of tissues and costs.

A good treatment plan and radiological control are needed in the pre-, intra- and postoperative period, but also at the time of fixing the restorations.

Types of prosthetic work on implants

Fixed prosthetic work on implants

A fixed prosthetic work is recommended for patients with a generous bone supply in the frontal maxillary and mandibular regions to allow the insertion of a minimum number of implants. Being supported by implants, most of the force applied when biting or chewing is transferred to the gums.
A fixed prosthetic work provides the most natural look, function and feel of teeth.

Galvanic telescopic work

In the case of patients with an extremely low bone supply, we do not recommend fixed works on implants but telescoping galvanic works, offering the same aesthetic aspect and comfort as fixed work on implants.

Overprotection on the bar

It is recommended for elderly patients, with very low bone supply, who do not want a removable prosthesis on staples.
It is the most accessible from a financial point of view, being able to be performed on only 4 dental implants.

Mobile prosthetic work on implants

It is recommended in the case of patients who no longer have any teeth in the dental arch, and the volume of the bone in which the implants are to be inserted is reduced or in the case of patients wearing classic prostheses.
The mobile prosthesis is a total prosthesis stabilized on implants. Even if it is not fixed, it replaces the lost dental elements. It is anchored with hooks to adjacent teeth and must be temporarily removed for cleaning.

Periodic control extends the life of the implant!

Durability over time of prosthetic works on implants is conditioned by performing dental checks and periodic professional cleanings (recommended interval: once every 4 months).

Carrying out the periodic control at the right time prevents the occurrence of peri-implantitis, the imbalance of prosthetic works.

The cost of a dental check-up for patients with prosthetic works on implants (panoramic radiography + professional hygiene) varies between 250 and 400 lei.

The guarantee in our clinic is strictly based on the material chosen for the work, since, according to the ethical code of dentists, it is forbidden to offer a guarantee for medical work. (dental implant- 5 years, full-contour zirconia- 5 years, ceramic-plated zirconia- 3 years, injected metal-composite- 3 years, metal-ceramic- 2 years).


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