The road to excellence, across generations

The first generation of doctors in Bratu family started in Sibiu, with Valeriu Bratu, Emanuel Bratu’s grandfather. He attended the School of Medicine in Cluj-Napoca, and his graduation diploma had been signed by the Dean of the Medicine School at that time, Emil Racoviță himself. He specialized in gynecology and practiced in Oradea where he also built a gynecological hospital. Later, having to leave everything behind, he left with his wife for Timișoara, where Dr. Valeriu Bratu became director of the CFR hospital.
The story of the second generation of doctors in Bratu family began with the son of Dr. Valeriu Bratu, Prof. Dr. Dorin Bratu. With efforts and determination, in a politically difficult period, in 1966 Dorin Bratu graduated from the School of Dental Medicine, and 30 years later he became its Dean. The passion for dentistry was also shared by his wife, Prof. Dr. Elisabeta Bratu, orthodontist and head of the Orthodontics Department of the School of Dental Medicine in Timișoara for years.
The third generation of doctors from the Bratu family is continued by Prof. Dr. Elisabeta Bratu and Prof. Dr. Dorin Bratu’s son, Emanuel Bratu. With a lot of work and dedication, he carried forward the family values ​​by becoming a University Professor in Prosthetic Restorations on Implants of the UMF “Victor Babeș” School of Dentistry in Timișoara.

Prof. Dr. Dorin Bratu: Award of the Romanian Academy – Gheorghe Marinescu for “the best medical book”

Principled, persistent and tenacious, Prof. Dr. Dorin Bratu did not limit himself to practicing the profession of dentist, therefore, he became a well-known name in the elite of dental medicine. Since 1994, he has been a member of the Medical Commission of CNEAA (the National Academic Assessment and Accreditation Commission of Romania). He was the President of the Dentistry Commission of the Ministry of Health between 1996-2000 and 2004-2005. In 1996 he was admitted as member of the US Academy of Dental Materials and in 1997 of the New York Academy of Sciences.
In 1997 he received the Romanian Academy Award – Gheorghe Marinescu for “the best medical book” published in 1995 in Romania – “Dental Materials” a specialized work in 3 volumes, 1200 pages. In 1998 he became member of the European Academy of Oral Implantology and received the Diploma and Medal of Honor for the recognition of merit in medicine from the International Bibliographic Center Cambridge England (Illuminated Diploma of Honor 1998).

Prof. Dr. Dorin Bratu: Founder of the National Union of Dental Associations (UNAS) from Romania

He founded the National Union of Dental Associations (UNAS) in Romania, being its President between 1998-1999 and in 2002 he received the National Order “For Merit” in the rank of Knight, awarded by the President of Romania. In addition to research and clinical practice, Prof. Dr. Dorin Bratu carried out an intensive activity as postgraduate education, being accredited by the Romanian College of Dentists in this regard. He was elected Vice-President of the College of Doctors from Romania, Timiş branch and, after the establishment of the College of Dentists from Romania in 2004, he was the first president of CMD Timiș (between 2004-2007).

He was also a member of CNATDCU (National Council for Attestation of University Titles, Diplomas and Certificates), evaluator expert of CNCSIS (National Council of Scientific Research in Higher Education) and ARACIS (Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education), all being institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Research.

Prof. Dr. Emanuel Bratu – University Professor at the Discipline of Prosthetic Restorations on Implants of the Faculty of Dentistry UMF “Victor Babeș” in Timișoara.

In 1994, Emanuel Bratu graduated from the UMF “Victor Babeș” Faculty of Dentistry in Timișoara with the title of Doctor in Medicine, specialization in Dentistry. Emanuel Bratu continues his clinical studies in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of the University of Vienna. In 2001 he became a Doctor in Medical Sciences based on the Ministry of Education order no. 3467/16.03.2001. In 2002, he became a primary doctor in general dentistry with MSF order no. 684/20.09.2002 and head of works in the discipline of Oral Implantology and R.P.I. of the Faculty of Dentistry UMF “Victor Babeș” from Timișoara. His career growth continued, and in 2004 he became an dental surgery specialist by MSF order no. 7/2004. In 2008, Emanuel Bratu became a University Professor in Prosthetic Restorations on Implants of the Faculty of Dentistry UMF “Victor Babeș” in Timișoara.
Prof. Dr. Emanuel Bratu is involved in scientific and professional forums and organizations: member of D.G.Z.I. (German Society of Oral Implantology) since 1999, vice president of S.R.I.O.B (Romanian Society of Oral Implantology and Biomaterials), member of ICOI (International Congress of Orla Implantologists) with the title of Fellow.

Prof. Dr. Emanuel Bratu – The first implantology congress in Romania: ICTN

Wishing to contribute to the development of Romanian oral implantolog, Prof. Dr. Emanuel Bratu started the ICTN “Implants Connected to Nature” project 13 years ago, this congress reaching its 13th edition this year. Prof. Dr. Emanuel Bratu brought for the first time on the same stage the biggest names in world implantology, international leaders and the most relevant suppliers of implantology systems and dental materials.

With a lot of work and concern for dentistry, Prof. Dr. Emanuel Bratu has published numerous books in the field of dentistry and holds 3 invention patents: Patent no. 114569 Electro erosion processing device, Patent no. 114295 Endo osseous implant for oral prosthetic rehabilitation, Patent no. 114568: Thread processing device.

„Just as artists can’t shine if they create under the scale, dental performance can’t be done in a small office without perspective”

Prof. Dr. Emanuel Bratu

Prof. Dr. Emanuel Bratu, with the support of his parents: Prof. Dr. Elisabeta Bratu and Prof. Dr. Dorin Bratu, lay the foundations of the Dental Experts clinic, proving that excellence in dentistry can also be achieved in Romania. From the very beginning, the founders of the clinic had as their benchmarks the highest quality standards, investing both in state-of-the-art technology and in the professional training of doctors.

We start where others stop!

The Dental Experts slogan is inspired by reality, the most complex and difficult cases arrive in our Clinic. Cases that elsewhere don’t get a chance. The Dental Experts team is guided by the principles of a job well done, honesty, and to all this passion is added – that is precisely why doctors go beyond their limits and perform.

We grow and evolve together

The Dental Experts team consists of doctors and academics, each specializing in a dentistry branch, and having academical titles. Their training started when they were students. Medical experience speaks for itself by treating the most difficult cases and responding to the greatest challenges when it comes to the patients who are treated in the clinic.

Camelia Bratu: “Success is not based on luck, but on perseverance”

Camelia Bratu as manager of the clinic plays an important role in the organization of the Dental Experts clinic. Camelia coordinates the internal activity and annually increases the turnover, emphasizing performance, details, and finally, constant investments in the latest technology.
Camelia Bratu is also the organizer of one of the most important international implantology conferences in Timișoara and the initiator of perhaps the most important Modular Dental Management Course in Romania.

Dental Education Center by Prof. Dr. Bratu – Excellence in dental education

We are guided by shared values, including the principle of investing in education, and passing on experience. We believe that it is the duty of every doctor open to science and evolution to make this gift, to offer the chance for education to those who are passionate about knowledge. That is why we are involved in sharing this experience so that, together with young doctors, we can help dental medicine to evolve, to make progress together. Prof. Dr. Bratu is the founder of the Dental Education Center, the educational center dedicated to courses, workshops and other important events dedicated to dentistry.

Innovation in dentistry

The Dental Experts team is constantly improving, and we are proud of years of advanced clinical studies, published by Prof. Dr. Dorin and Emanuel Bratu in the specialized literature, but also moments that broke records:

  • we are the clinic based in the West of the country with the largest number of inserted dental implants
  • the first specialists in Romania to use ultrasound Piezo surgery. 
  • the first metal-ceramic crowns and the first subperiosteal and intraosseous implants 
  • “Dental Innovation and Research Award” 2021
  • the first clinic in Eastern Europe authorized to use the REX ultrasound implant system.

The highest standards in technology

Evolution, at least in medicine, should never stop. So is the investment in high-performance equipment that helps us solve some of the most difficult cases. That’s why we invest annually in technology, in equipment, to put patient safety and comfort first.

From expert to patient – Dental Experts – a business card in itself

We pride ourselves on the standard of quality we offer, the level of excellence we have achieved, and we don’t stop there. We want to be better and more involved, and we always rank high in the highest charts and we continue to solve the most complex and spectacular cases.
We thank the patients for their trust, for them and because of them, we are at the level we are now.


If you want to make an appointment, send us a message. Our front desk office colleagues are at your disposal with information and answer your questions.

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