Oral health is priceless

At Dental Experts, the prices of dental services are determined by the complexity of the cases we deal with. Because we make every decision informed, together with the patient, a thorough assessment of the patient’s state of health is needed. experts

At the first visit in the clinic, the patient will receive a treatment plan based on the radiological investigations performed. Any dental treatment that follows is based on a correct diagnosis, careful investigations and, ultimately, a realistic price estimate.

Patients benefit from personalized treatments according to the identified conditions. The client’s budget thus becomes a factor that will influence the chosen treatment solutions, which will always have health in the foreground.

Services Rates

Package Rates

For a complex treatment plan that includes all the necessary costs and steps, you need to come to the Dental Experts clinic. Following a specialist consultation, based on panoramic radiographs, you will be informed of all the costs and all the steps to follow.


If you want to make an appointment, send us a message. Our front desk office colleagues are at your disposal with information and answer your questions.

Patients visiting our clinic benefit from one of the 4 parking spaces inside the courtyard, marked in blue.

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