Today, technology helps us more than ever to get the best answers and solutions to medical problems. We can carry out the full investigations required for a successful outcome.

Within Dental Experts there is a complete dental radiology center, where we have the possibility to perform intraoral and panoramic radiographs, as well as scans assisted by CT (computed tomography), produced by Planmeca. Through state-of-the-art equipment, we can ensure investigations in the smallest details, which cover our entire sphere of interest.

In our clinic, we have 3 dental radio diagnostic machines (one of them is located right in the operating room for the best possible precision in terms of implant insertion. In this way, we manage to offer a quality medical report and ensure that the implant is perfectly inserted.

Risk free!

The radiation dose of a 3D CBCT X-ray is equal to the radiation dose delivered during a one-hour airplane flight.
Study: Optimization of Radiation Doses and Patients’ Risk in Dental Radiography by Ralph Erdely

Patients can take multiple dental x-rays without a significant risk of radiation.
In our clinic, the equipment is always used in optimal conditions, and the entire protocol from patient preparation to image acquisition is optimized as to obtain maximum image quality with minimum radiation dose, which makes the patients’ risk almost non-existent.

In conclusion, dental x-rays are more useful than harmful and for this reason we recommend taking them without fear of radiation.
With the help of panoramic X-rays and CBCTs we document our cases and make sure that all work has been done correctly, both aesthetically and functionally.

To demonstrate compliance with the medical protocol and ensure a correct treatment, at Dental Experts we do not envisage performing treatments without dental radiodiagnosis.


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