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Smile correction by orthodontics

At Dental Experts, the foundations of orthodontics were laid a long time ago by Prof. Dr. Bratu Elisabeta.

Orthodontic treatment can have many benefits, from cosmetically correcting your smile to achieving a correct and functional bite.

Malocclusion or mis-bite is the incorrect alignment of the teeth or the abnormal relationship of the teeth on the two arches. This can be not only an aesthetic problem but also a functional one.
In the case of a wrong bite, the wrongly positioned teeth are subjected to too much force during chewing, which can lead to their destruction.

The harmful effects of malocclusion can be:

  • Predisposition to tooth decay of misaligned teeth
  • Gingivitis, prodontosis, periodontitis
  • Problems in the case of the need for prosthetics
  • Normal mastication cannot be achieved, which can have harmful digestive effects
  • Dental mobility
  • Receding gums
  • Bruxism (teeth clenching or grinding)
  • Muscle hypertrophy due to overuse
  • Joint pains.

Without proper treatment the consequences will not stop, therefore the most important thing is prevention. An orthodontic consultation is necessary to find out in advance what problems you are facing and to be able to intervene in time.

The decision of orthodontic treatment is made following radiological investigations and based on the consultation itself. It is very important that an orthodontic consultation is carried out by an experienced specialist in this field, in order to make a correct diagnosis.
Our orthodontic clinic is managed by Dr. Andreea Borsanu – specialist orthodontist.

The types of dental appliances used in our clinic are:

Metal braces

The metal brace is the first fixed orthodontic appliance invented. The orthodontist controls the force exerted on the teeth with the help of the dental appliance, thus managing to make the teeth migrate and position them correctly, in order to obtain an aesthetic, functional smile and a correct bite.

The duration of orthodontic treatments varies on average between 6 months and 2 years depending on the severity of each case. A metal dental appliance consists of metal brackets that stick to the surface of the teeth, elastics, ligatures, orthodontic wires, elastic bands.

Sapphire dental appliance

The Sapphire dental appliance is also a fixed dental appliance, but unlike the metal one, it has brackets made of sapphire. Brackets are also glued to the outside of the teeth, but unlike the metal ones, they are more discreet and aesthetic, being like dental enamel.

Due to the microcrystalline structure, the sapphire brackets remain transparent, do not discolor, have a smooth surface and are thus more comfortable and less visible.

ClearCorrect Straumann dental aligners

ClearCorrect dental aligners are the most discreet and comfortable option when it comes to straightening your teeth. These orthodontic devices are made of a transparent, multi-layered plastic, patented material ClearQuartzTM, managing to move the teeth efficiently. ClearCorrect aligners feature two great innovations that together ensure consistent and precise pressure.

The 3-layer Clear QuartzTM material has an elastomeric layer between two elastic shells with low porosity. The outer layers allow the aligner to be tough and smudge-resistant, while the inner layer allows the aligner to apply gentle, consistent pressure. Clear QuartzTM retains 10 times more of its initial strength than other aligners and retains its shape throughout treatment.

After fitting the orthodontic appliance, the patient must come to the clinic monthly for activation. If he does not follow this recommendation, the orthodontic treatment may suffer.

After completing the orthodontic treatment, the patient will receive fixed retainer and mobile braces and after 6 months, the orthodontic control is necessary to check the retainer and/or change the braces. If the retainer breaks or peels off, a visit to the orthodontist is necessary within 48 hours at most.


If you want to make an appointment, send us a message. Our front desk office colleagues are at your disposal with information and answer your questions.

Patients visiting our clinic benefit from one of the 4 parking spaces inside the courtyard, marked in blue.

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    Dacă vrei să faci o programare pentru un consult, trimite-ne un mesaj. Colegii de la front desk office îți stau la dispoziție cu informații și îți răspund la întrebări.

    Pacienții beneficiaza de 6 locuri de parcare in interiorul curtii. Dacă toate locurile sunt ocupate, mașina poate fi lăsată în curte iar colegii de la front desk se vor ocupa mai departe.


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