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The smile you’ve always wanted.

We work with best quality long lasting materials, so that you can enjoy a wonderful and long-lasting smile. To stay confident with your smile, for a long period of time, it’s good to know that when you choose dental veneers, you’re making a long-term decision.
That’s why we recommend you to work with the best, from the first. Our achievements recommend us and you just need to make sure you take care of your dental hygiene on a regular basis.
We take care of the rest.

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    What are dental veneers?

    They basically represent a thin ceramic coating that is applied to the surface of the teeth that have been polished very little beforehand. That is precisely why dental veneers allow the correction of dental imperfections such as irregularities or cracks.

    We use the best quality materials that are very durable, do not stain and will allow you to enjoy a wonderful smile for a long time. You just have to take care of your dental hygiene and respect the periodic check-ups at the dentist.

    What are the advantages of dental veneers?

    The advantages of dental veneers are numerous:

    • the teeth appearance is considerably improved;
    • results are obtained quickly, in just a few sessions;
    • the ceramic used is perfectly compatible with the dentition and the soft tissues that surround it;
    • dental veneers do not stain due to food or drink consumed;
    • they have high resistance and a lifespan of 15-20 years;
    • protects tooth enamel;
    • reduce tooth sensitivity, especially with regard to temperature variations.

    Who is dental veneers treatment for?

    Indications of dental veneers:

    • teeth with enamel problems
    • extensive damage to one or more faces of the tooth
    • teeth with advanced abrasion (enamel grinding);
    • color spots on the enamel
    • the unaesthetic shape of the tooth
    • color changes from various causes
    • teeth with interdental spaces that want to be closed or reduced;

    What is the procedure for applying dental veneers?

    Dental veneers are a painless procedure, the installation of which involves a fine grinding of the teeth beforehand, the whole process being carried out in a short, minimally invasive time.

    Being a procedure that lasts over time, before applying the veneers a consultation is required which involves several stages: the DSD (Digital Smile Design) computerized diagnosis stage, the wax impression stage, the stage of making a realistic smile model, the stage effectiveness of the work.

    See exactly how dental veneers are applied in the video below.

    What is the lifespan of dental veneers?

    Dental veneers are the ideal solution for correcting the occlusion (bite) and improving the smile, currently representing the most effective and minimally invasive method of correcting the appearance of the teeth with an immediate effect. A long-term investment for you to enjoy a wonderful smile without the need for corrections or adjustments, provided you keep your dental hygiene intact.

    However, a regular annual check-up with the dentist is recommended, to prevent other possible dental problems that are not related to dental veneers.

    Top 5 questions about dental veneers, addressed to Dr. Emanuel Andritoi in the video below.


    If you want to make an appointment, send us a message. Our front desk office colleagues are at your disposal with information and answer your questions.

    Patients visiting our clinic benefit from one of the 4 parking spaces inside the courtyard, marked in blue.

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      The first step towards the much-desired smile begins with a meeting with one of our specialists.
      At Dental Experts you can get both an aesthetic and a functional smile. Our specialists in dental aesthetics will help you make the best decision regarding both the shape and the color of your teeth.

      Presentation of smile makeover with dental veneers


      If you want to make an appointment, send us a message. Our front desk office colleagues are at your disposal with information and answer your questions.

      Patients visiting our clinic benefit from one of the 4 parking spaces inside the courtyard, marked in blue.

      Make an appointment


        Octavian Borod
        Octavian Borod
        Profesioniști! Recomand!!
        Eugen Zah
        Eugen Zah
        Excellent work performed by Prof. Dr. Bratu and Dr. Andritoi. Well established dental clinic with expert doctors and knowledge. Great support staff, my main nurses were Roni and Gina. This impressive dental clinic is a vertical business, basically everything is done in-house. With many implants performed over the years, I am convinced they’ve seen pretty much every scenario. Some of the reasons I chose Dental Experts by Prof. Dr. Bratu in Timisoara Romania are: experience, price disclosure, clarity of services, premium materials and expectations. Technicians Nicu and Ionut are amazing craftsmen, very pleased with my 26 zirconia teeth. Initial visit took just over three weeks, Dr. Andritoi performed the prep work including 15 root canals, Prof. Dr. Bratu continued with several bone grafting applications and 9 implants. After five months I returned for the imprint and the zirconia teeth. Second phase was completed in two weeks. I’m glad I chose Dental Experts by Prof. Dr. Bratu, very happy with the outcome and long term investment.
        Ioan Bucuras
        Ioan Bucuras
        Extremely professional, perfectly clean clinic. I can only recommend it.
        Leo CM
        Leo CM
        de la o dramă totală la o lipsa completă de griji. Așa pot descrie reabilitarea dentară făcută de echipa Dental Experts. Bonus, aspectul "cool" al implantelor 🤘🏻
        Ramona Jadan
        Ramona Jadan
        Clinică stomatologica premium! Locație prietenoasă, personal amabil și bine pregătit, dotări excelente,investigații facile, plan de tratament prezentat și explicat de la început, intervenții complet nedureroase. Mulțumesc, domnule dr. Andrițoi!


        Dacă vrei să faci o programare pentru un consult, trimite-ne un mesaj. Colegii de la front desk office îți stau la dispoziție cu informații și îți răspund la întrebări.

        Pacienții beneficiaza de 6 locuri de parcare in interiorul curtii. Dacă toate locurile sunt ocupate, mașina poate fi lăsată în curte iar colegii de la front desk se vor ocupa mai departe.


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