Dental technicians – the artists behind the smiles of Dental Experts

When it comes to our patients’ smiles, true art is produced in the dental laboratory.

With talent, imagination, professionalism and thoroughness, basic qualities of our technicians, assisted by the latest generation technique and technology, each dental work receives a unique shine.

Today’s new technology does not eliminate old technology, and dental technology is a branch in which several sciences and crafts such as medicine, metallurgy, sculpture, painting, and more recently, digital technology, are intertwined.

At Dental Experts we have had the same two dental technical teams for over 15 years: Dental Dedication and Ace Implant Lab, teams that over time have increased the number of members to serve the doctors and the growing number of patients in our clinic. 

Dental Technique Teams

Doctor-PATIENT-Dental technician

Communication within the dental team must necessarily have the PATIENT at its center.

Through effective communication, the patient gains confidence in the dental team, better understands the proposed restorative treatment and has the certainty that his wishes and needs are assimilated by both the doctor and the technician and thus he receives the best solution to his problems.

That is why the presence of the dental technique laboratory in our clinic is a great advantage. The patient communicates directly, face-to-face, with the dental technician and is presented with all restorative materials and procedures. The doctor checks every intermediate stage of the work to ensure that everything is in order and agrees with it. Every material used is of the best quality, which is certified by the guarantee offered to the patient.

Because we want to be as transparent as possible and for the correct information of the patient, in the Dental Experts Clinic, each patient receives at the end of the treatment a certificate of compliance in which all the detailed information regarding the dental work received appears.

With the help of this certificate, “Dental Experts by Prof. Dr. Bratu” proves that they work with the best quality materials and that they do not and will not compromise on quality.

Dental technology has been and is always evolving, that’s why our technicians constantly invest in the latest equipment and materials.

For our technicians, the working laboratory is a workshop where there are no boundaries between night and day. The motivation? With a smile on his face, Nicu Sabou says that “the energy comes from the joy of satisfied patients and from the emotion you read on their faces. You can’t do it if you don’t like it!”

But the testimony of their dedication to the job lies in the fact that they manage to exceed record hours in the workshop.

The hours spent in the clinic are complemented by those of training and professional research at specialization courses in the country or abroad, because today we are witnessing a digital revolution, and they must always, always be in the front line, that means, by the several times, that time does not shorten, but lengthens.

We have the best dental technicians; we pride ourselves on their craftsmanship and the fact that experience and dedication will always speak for themselves.

The elements of modern equipment also come to our aid for the realization of superior works in terms of appearance and functionality. The work is done in high-quality kilns, which guarantee the long durability of the ceramics. Thus, the patient enjoys a result with optimal functionality and aesthetics exactly as he wanted.


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