Be one of the thousands of patients who choose us every year!

Be one of the thousands of patients who choose us every year!


    Discover the unique advantages offered by Dental Experts

    Tradition and continuity in dentistry, with the experience of a dedicated and passionate team. Complete services, cutting-edge technology and a healthy smile, all under one roof.

    Tradition and continuity:

    With a legacy of over 50 years in the field of medicine, with a team developed over time, under the mentorship of 3 generations of doctors, we are proud to continue to offer high quality dental services, always keeping the patient’s interest as our main focus.

    Excellence in dental education:

    Through the Dental Education Center by Prof.Dr.Bratu, we offer our experience and knowledge to young dentists willing to evolve so that, together, we can take dental medicine in Romania to a higher level.

    Expertise and experience:

    Benefit from the expertise of 9 world-class doctors, 3 of whom are academics, ready to guide you step by step on your journey to a healthy smile.

    All-in-one clinic:

    At Dental Experts, you will find all dental procedures under one roof, for a complete and efficient experience.

    In-house dental technique laboratory:

    It benefits from cutting-edge technology and customized solutions, for correct and sustainable results.

    Fairness and transparency:

    At Dental Experts, we deliver on our promises and ensure that every cost is communicated transparently, with no hidden costs.

    Premium Patient Care 24/7:

    Our commitment to always be available and ready to answer our patients’ needs and questions. With our staff specializing in providing a premium experience, each patient receives the attention and care they need to feel safe and comfortable throughout their treatment


      For us, full service means the best service.

      So, if you have chosen to combine the need for dental treatment with the possibility to travel, Dental Experts is the perfect choice for you. All the necessary services in one place in the heart of Timisoara, Cultural Capital 2023.
      From transport to treatment, we help you take all the necessary steps with the least effort.

      Transfer pentru turism dentar


      From the point of departure to the destination, at the hands of our trusted partners.

      Cazare pentru turism dentar


      We ensure that all conditions of your stay are excellent, from treatment to treatment.



      The professionalism of our team guarantees services at premium standards.

      Turism Dentar - Mountain

      Dental tourism

      Dental treatment and leisure, two reasons to invest your free time effectively.


        In order to provide you with the best solutions for a healthy smile, we have created these packages to provide you with personalized and cost-transparent dental care.


          Find out why patients around the world choose Dental Experts.

          Our patients’ reviews are our visiting book – authentic testimonies of the positive impact we had on their smiles and health. We are honored to be chosen as partners in their journey to a healthy and bright smile, and their recommendations motivate us to get even better every day.


            Whether you come from nearby or thousands of kilometers away, our team of experts will guide you step by step and offer you the best solutions. With an experience of over 50 years in dentistry and the highest technological support, we are here to offer you the dental care you need, while you enjoy the beauty of the city of Timișoara, the Cultural Capital 2023.

            Start the journey towards the smile you’ve always wanted with Dental Experts!