New and functional teeth,
in 24 hours

Total edentation, resolved quickly

The Fast&Fixed Bredent system represents the solution of cases of total, maxillary and mandibular edentation, through a minimum number of implants. Used for over 30 years with excellent results and thousands of satisfied patients, this method mainly targets people between the ages of 40 and 80.

Being a treatment method that offers quick solutions, this type of implants is not for patients who want major changes from an aesthetic point of view. The Fast&Fixed implant is not based on bone addition and avoids very large complex works made of expensive materials. Of course, one can opt for this type of implant along with more complex restorations, with a higher price, and with dental cosmetic services that, in total, have a much more spectacular result.

Prof. Dr. Emanuel Bratu is the only doctor authorized to carry out the Fast&Fixed By Bredent treatment.

How do you know if you are eligible for Fast&Fixed treatment?

In order to be able to have this procedure, there must be a certain bone supply in the frontal maxillary and mandibular regions that allows the insertion of a minimum number of 4 implants. The degree of bone atrophy can be another impediment. In case of severe atrophy, the bone can no longer be compensated by fixed restorations and mobile restorations with implant support must be resorted to.

Can any doctor perform this procedure?

This method of treatment must be carried out by doctors with surgical and especially prosthetic experience, under the close supervision of an entire team. Any small deviation can cause major losses, both in terms of tissues and costs.

A good treatment plan and radiological control are needed in the pre-, intra- and postoperative period, but also at the time of fixing the restorations. A dental clinic that is not equipped with a radiology office cannot properly perform this treatment throughout its course.

Fast dental implant

  • Relatively fixed costs
  • Less trauma
  • Ability to talk comfortably
  • Possibility of feeding comfortably within a maximum of 24 hours after the intervention
  • A provisional restoration and, about 4 months later, the final restoration
  • Painless and non-invasive local anesthesia
  • Time gained: the time allocated is approximately 1h 30 minutes per jaw

Fast dental implant rates

  • Maxillary – 6 implants + provisional work: €4650
  • Mandible – 4 implants + temporary work: €3350
  • Final work: starting from €2000, depending on the material from which the work will be made

*These prices apply where bone addition is not required. In the other cases, the costs for the necessary additional procedures will be added.


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